Run Newbie Run: My first 5k running

by Erika Belmonte

Hey guys! I haven’t told you my latest and awesome news: for the first time in my life, I could run 5k and I mean, RUN 5K NONSTOP! I DID IT! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Now, let me share some details of when, where and how it happened

You know, March was in and I was getting a little frustrated with my performance because I was really working hard, paying attention to my movements, respecting my limits and being focused but none of these things seemed to be working. I was still feeling breathless, tired and somehow uncomfortable with a light pain in my calf. I was kind of convincing myself that running was not for me because I could see everybody running, feeling great and achieving goals, but not me. There was always something that would stop me from running.

But wait: Thank God I’m completely healthy (I had my general check-up done last year) – so what is happening? Laziness? My body trying to save up some energy? Lack of focus or discipline? Excuses?

Well, I really don’t know but on March 9th (yeah, last month) around 6 pm (at sunset) I felt like going to my favourite park, which happens to be in front of my house hehe. I had set my favourite songs and I thought to myself: “I’m going to start running reaaaaally slow and whenever I feel I can’t do it anymore, I’ll stop. But that’s it. I have aaaaall the time in the world so I’m going to focus really hard on it and for the first time I won’t check my cell phone, social media or skipping to nicer songs”

And just like magic, my legs were responding to my command and to my internal voice: “Keep going! You can do it! Breath! It’s just nature, the sunset and you!” I was using an App called NikeRun and whenever you complete 1 mile, it lets you know about it even if you’re listening to a song. So, after completing my second nonstop mile (3.2km) I started crying (without running, of course, kkkk) so much! You guys can’t even imagine how happy and emotional I was with that! Of course, I didn’t stop, I mean, not before completing my first 5k.

But what was different this time? Well…

  • I felt some pain in my legs but I decided not to give attention (it wasn’t anything impossible)
  • Thousands of thoughts tried to distract me, telling me I wouldn’t be able to do it, that was insane… but then I decided to write a different end to that story and see how it would be or even feel like.
  • I stopped caring so much about other people’s opinion, thinking what others would think if they saw me running and then walking like a loser (yeah, I used to feel like a loser and I was pretty much ashamed of that, thinking people would laugh if they saw me running and then, walking)
  • My cell phone was with me for only two reasons: track my exercise and provide music. No Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, E-mail, Blog, WhatsApp, etc etc. Not even quickly or for just one second.
  • Posture, breath and cadence: these were my thoughts while running

For the first time in my life, I was really running. No complaints, no excuses, no self-pity!

I did it! I finished it! And you know what? I wanted more, much more! Here’s a summary of my results. They might not be the most beautiful or impressive result to you, but for me, it was my first gift, trophy and my first “I DID IT!” and it feels so so so so good!

I know I need to lower my heart rate but I’ve been working on it! Well, I’ll come back soon to bring you some more good news about it? How did you like to know about my first 5k? 🙂 Let me know in the comments below! Xoxo Erika Belmonte

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