Hey guys!! Review: Common American Phrases

Well, since this is a book for those who can at least understand and speak some English, I’ll write this review all in English ok? 🙂 The book I chose to write about today was my last purchase and I must tell and it’s one of my bedside books and I’ve been enjoying it SO MUCH and that’s why I decided to come over and share my personal thoughts about it.

A detailed guide to real life conversation and small talk
Richard A. Spears, PhD

Well, since I moved to the USA, I’ve been trying to improve my English and speak like a native (which is the next step for me who speaks English fluently). Besides being in contact with them, I wanted to study and learn faster and better, not only how to understand them but also to have better communication skills.

I’d like to use the words and expressions they use and not the simple ones we translate (even being correct).

Just to make myself clear: this is a personal goal I have to myself since I’m here in the US now and this is something that I know it’s going to take some time (and extra effort) to get there.

But I’m here today to talk about the book right? LOL So, last month I was just browsing at Barnes and Noble, a big and famous bookstore here in Iowa when I decided to check the books they have regarding “foreign languages”.

I don’t even need to mention how excited I got when I saw the title of this book right? I had even shown this book on my Instagram Stories, said I would buy it and write a review about it. Yep, so here I am!


  • More than 2,000 expressions
  • From greetings and good-byes to everyday small talk, each entry is presented in a realistic context.
  • Every expression has its explanation AND an example
  • There is some usage restrictions or warnings for those situations when a phrase may be inappropriate
  • Easy to understand, very organised and well explained.
  • There is a Phrase-Finder Index to help quick and easy reference
  • Cost x benefit: $10 at Amazon.com (cheapest place to buy a new one) and R$ 44 (in Brazil) – links below – btw online is always cheaper and you don’t need to leave home to purchase it!



Here are some pictures of the book from the inside. Take a look at it and see if you like it but to be really honest, it’s worth every penny! 😀



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